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B.I.A.M Day 2

Ah….creating the ten key scenes that will make up most of my outline.  This is what I have for Lust:

Scene 1: Setup, the goal is to introduce the characters in pairs.  This shows us their relationship to each other.  The other goal is to introduce the mood, genre elements, and the case.  They are 9 main characters: Ares, David Bostick & Crystal Carroll, Aakash Desai & Jonathan Pereira, Rita Torres & Shantel Williams, and the last pair Kevin & Lauren.

Scene 2: Inciting incident, this is the event that drives the story forward.  I don’t want to reveal too much, but let’s just say this is when Ares meets the rest of the cast.

Scene 3: Prep for Adventure, the main characters are introduce to the fantasy elements

Scene 4: Plot Point 1, with all the information, the investigation begins.

Scene 5: Fun & Games, the investigation comes with obsticles

Scene 6: Reversal, the middle of the story, from this point  everything starts to go wrong

Scene 7: Dark Moment, the main characters are at their lowest point

Scene 8: Plot Point 2, the main characters must decide to fight or flee

Scene 9: Climax, the final confronatation

Scene 10: Resolution, tying up loose ends and setting up for the next book

B.I.A.M Day 1

bookcover_lustOkay, so I’m restarting the Book in a Month project.  The goal is to write at least 1,000 words per chapter.  Yes, I know I took a week off and restarting doesn’t make sense, but I see changes that need to be made before writing.

For “Lust”  the one sentence summary goes:

Ares and his new team must find a serial killer named The Captured Family Rapist.

The setting will take place in a fictional Willingboro, NJ.  In this world some individuals have psychic abilities that are similar to magic and powered by their vices.

The basic plot is that Ares and his group belong to an organization that polices supernatural activity.  This is a ghost story and can be described as Ghostbusters meet CSI.

The characters are once again, based on my college friends, and they will continue to have names from friends from my high and middle school years.  There are 9 main characters.  I’m still deciding if I’m sticking with first person point of view or switch to third person limited.




BIAM: Day 4

BIAM: Today’s focus was working on characters.  The character sheets I wrote up correspond with the BIAM character sketch and most of the character snapshot.  I just have to work on revealing scenes.

-Writing: I didn’t write anything today (yesterday)

-Art: No practicing today either, but I did do some reading on artistic techniques.

I don’t feel bad about not writing.  After all, I’m rewriting the book, not making a new draft.  Plus it’s okay to miss a day or two.

Book in a Month Day 3

A day late, but here we go….

New format for my blog

BIAM: Day 3 is outlining the novel using the 10 key scenes.  I was pleased that my novel already hit most of blocks on the worksheet.  I was also able to transfer my personal outline on my computer onto the worksheets.

In addition, I’m suppose to also complete a research worksheet.  The topics that make the context of my novel is Edith Hamilton’s Mythology.  I’m still looking for a good source for Abnormal Psychology and parapsychology.  Any suggestions would be helpful.

Writing Time Tracker:  I wrote chapter 3 today, which is narrated by Crystal.  I think now that I have a better grasp on her character (she’s an Amazon archetype with an INFP personality on MBTI chart,) that this is one of her better chapters.  Tough, but sensitive and caring.  Just like with chapter two, I believe this chapter sets up nicely for the inciting incident scene which takes place in chapter 10.

Colored Concept Art: I drew Aakash leaping downward today using an animated Nightwing pose.  Originally I tried drawing bigger, but it wasn’t working for me.  I drew him smaller and it looks more like a manga drawing (not saying that it is).  Again, I really have to practice drawing bigger, so I can work on the details of the face more.  foa_aakashdesai


Day 2…

I know this is two days late as of today, but in the interest of keeping things tidy, here I go.  Day 2 of the book in a month system had me work on writing out 10 key scenes.  For me, this was just going back and polishing up on the scenes and breaking them into chapters and following the 3 act structure.

I have my setup, inciting incident, preparing for adventure, plot point 1 for act one.  Then there is the temporary triumph, reversal, dark moment, and plot point 2 for act two.  Finally the climax and resolution for act three.

I’m extending the book from 27 chapters to 36.  A move intended to help introduce the characters more slowly before the action starts.  I want the reader to have a connection with the characters, instead of meeting them all at once.  This required me to split up chapter 1 into two parts, both narrated by Ares.  In between those two parts/chapters will be the individual character introduction chapters.  Today was David Bostick’s, who I renamed because I wanted to change Stacy’s name to Shantel Williams.  I didn’t want the reader thinking Theo Williams and Shantel Williams were siblings considering that the latter is the former’s love interest.  My friends, the real Theo  Williams and Stacy Johnson I hope you understand.

I really like how I was able to get two of his main traits to be broadcasted and introduced his supporting cast.  The chapter sets up chapter 3 pretty well and fits into the main story.

For my art practice, I drew Crystal in a pose that would fit her using her powers.  This came out sleeker than the David Bostick piece I did yesterday (which look more comic bookish/squared like.  Crystal came out better once I inked her, but I have to work a little larger, so I can get the eyes right.  Digitally coloring her took no time at all, which makes me realize that I need to start taking my coloring class with K. Michael Russell.

There is just not enough time in the day, but I’m getting there.  Practice, practice, practice.